Prerequisites for Android

Attention: We recommend only hardware or devices approved by our technical team. Any other hardware or equipment that a customer intends to use will be their responsibility (and not provided by 4YouSee) to carry out tests to validate the compatibility and performance of the player. It is also important to bear in mind that this equipment must respect the minimum requirements described in this documentation..

 The minimum hardware requirements necessary to use 4YouSee Player on Android are:

 Execution of :Android
Videos and HTML Content?
Using Layouts*?
Synchronization of Contentsx

You need to have one hardware for each Player ID.

? Tablet or Mini-PC with Android 4.2.2 up to version 11,

• 1.5GHz QuadCore Processor or higher,

• 2GB of RAM Memory,

• 8GB of free space.

? Tablet or Mini-PC with Android 4.2.2 up to version 11,

• 1.6GHz QuadCore Processor or higher,

• 4GB of RAM Memory,

• 8GB of free space.

AttentionThe execution of HTML content that contains videos demands device resources that may extrapolate the requirements described in this documentation.

* The minimum specifications for the use of layouts, consider up to 4 areas, in case were more, we do not recommend using Android, instead of this, Linux or Windows.

x The synchronization of content between players is not part of the resources of the 4YouSee Player for Android.

If you work with a large volume of content and want to use storage cards, check with the manufacturer to see if the memory card is suitable for the device.

In case you need to work with the screen in vertical position, check if the equipment allows you to rotate it so that you can work that way.

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