How to Install 4YouSee Player on Windows

When is installed the 4YouSee Player for Windows, it is installed together with a Robot. The robot takes care of monitor and guarantee the proper functioning of the player.

Robot 4YouSee Player Windows Features

The Robot performs the following operations:

  • The Robot starts once the computer is turned on.
  • The Robot restarts the player in maximum 2 minutes after detecting that it was closed.
  • The Robot places the player window in the foreground.
  • The Robot must check for updates to the player, download them and install them.

In other words, this Robot or assistant helps the player to be a typical behavior tool for digital signage.


Installation of 4YouSee Player for Windows

So, to install 4YouSee Player in Windows follow the next steps:

In your 4YouSee Manager account, go to the main menu then Player -> Download. and you will see an image like this.


Click below to download the installer according to your Windows version and run the .exe:

Click here to download the Robot 4YouSee Player for Windows 32 bits

Click here to download the Robot 4YouSee Player for Windows 64 bits


Allow the installer to make the alterations on your computer. Currently the 4YouSee Player for Windows is available in English and Portuguese, so choose one of them and Click OK.

Check if you want to create an icon on the desktop and click Next.

Click on Install.

Click Finish.

The 4YouSee Player Windows icon will appear on the taskbar in the notification area.

In this way the Robot and the Player for Windows have been installed and the configuration screen is shown below

To configure the player follow the steps in the article How to configure the 4YouSee Player in Linux/Windows

After configuration, the player will be launched with all the information of the playlist. 

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