How to decrease the size of the videos

Decreasing the size of a video is a good practice when you have a stable internet or when you have an unlimited data plan. With a smaller video, it can be downloaded faster, showing the playlist programming as soon as possible.

To carry out this process of reducing the file, we recommend using Freemake Video Converter, although there are also other software that perform this type of compression such as Handbrake (access

Is it possible to reduce the size of the video without losing the quality?

Yes, since the video has a large size because it has had a high quality rendering like the .mov case. For example, a video in .mov that has 30 seconds, but its size is 400MB. In this case we can use Freemake Video Converter to convert this file into .mp4 and at the end of the conversion this file will have a maximum size of about 10MB. You can see this manual to convert with Freemake Video Converter

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