How to Add a Streaming from Youtube

Descargue el archivo del siguiente link:


Unzip the downloaded file.


Pre requirements:

To manipulate HTML5 files you will need a text editor to read the codes..

  • We suggest the SublimeText or Notepad ++ programs. Both are open source text editors and allow installation on computers with Windows or Linux operating systems. 


Open the index.html file with one of the programs suggested above.

All you have to do is change the existing URL to the one of the streaming you want to mount, keeping in mind that it must be within the single quotes.

After modifying the .html file, save it and then it should be uploaded to 4YouSee Manager as content.

Go to your 4YouSee Manager account and in Content > Content > Add. Firstable you can set a name for the content (1), it could be "My First Streaming"  in the Duration option (2), do not fill in the field and leave it in "Obtain Automatically", click on Select File (3) And find the .html. Then you will see it uoloaded in the area 4. To finish, select Category (6) and click on the Add button (7).


Add HTML  Content.png

  • Once the content has been added, you must make sure that it is in the playlist that your associated player has.

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