How to display designer content on my smart tv

To display content created in 4YouSee Designer on your SmartTV, you must have the project URL and your SmartTV must have a browser that supports the Designer content. With this, it will be possible to display the content in full screen on your SmartTV.

Get the project URL

Open the project you want to display in 4YouSee Designer and click the Export button (1). If the project doesn't have a visible URL yet, just click the Create Project URL button, after this the link (2) will appear :

export via URL.png

Now enter this URL (2) that appears into your SmartTV browser and the project should load. Put your TV browser in full screen mode and you're done! Its content will be played indefinitely on television. Additionally, any changes made to 4YouSee Designer in this project will be reflected in content within 30 minutes.



  • When uploading a project through a URL, the size of the project will be deducted from your plan's URL transfer limit. If your account does not have an active subscription or its limit is reached, an error page will be displayed instead of the content. You will be notified by email when your limit reaches 80% usage and you can purchase limit extensions.
  • Some SmartTVs may not display the Designer content correctly, due to the browser version installed on the TV. In this case, consider displaying the content through another device.

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