Menus in 4YouSee Manager

The 4YouSee Manager menu has the following structure:

  • Settings: In this menu you will find the tools to configure the 4YouSee Manager. The following tools are available:
    • User Groups: User type management option for 4YouSee Manager.
    • Integration: Tool used to integrate API's with 4YouSee Manager.
    • Layouts: Functionality for creating layouts, where the contents are displayed.
    • Methods: Function discontinued and in the process of being excluded from 4YouSee Manager.
    • Modules: Tool used to manage the internal names that are given to the modules.
    • Parameters: Functionality where 4YouSee Manager configuration parameters are customized.
    • Access Restrictions: Functionality that allows creating access restrictions to only some records of a certain type. For example, viewing certain RSS feeds, instead of viewing all feeds or viewing only a group of players.
    • Tasks: Option where the tasks that are executed in Linux players are registered.
    • Users: Functionality to manage the profiles that use the 4YouSee Manager account, where you choose the user group to which you belong and their access restrictions (optional).
  • Content: The functions related to the content are:
    • Categories: Option where the content categories are managed.
    • Content: Tool where it is possible to add, delete, and modify the contents that, when associated with the playlists, must be shown in the players.
    • Clients and Agencies: Functionality to add, delete and / or modify the clients and agencies with which you can associate their content.
    • Videowall Formats: (Only available in Enterprise accounts), Help in the basic editing of videos for mass publication of players in videowall.
  • Data Sources: The functionalities related to the data sources are found, for obtaining news:
    • Connectors: Management functionality of connection profiles for data sources, which will determine how the data will be obtained. Eg: Regular expression, Facebook, Excel, Mysql, among others.
    • Channels: Tool where the channels that will belong to data sources are registered. Eg: A channel can have 1 or more data sources and when this channel is associated with an RSS feed, it will receive the information of the data sources that the channel has associated
    • Data Sources: Functionality that can be used to obtain news that is not obtained through RSS. Examples: database and files available on the internet.
  • News: You will find the information related to the news:
    • News: Option where you can see the list of your news already downloaded through RSS feeds.
    • RSS Feeds: Option where it is possible to add, delete, modify and in general define RSS feeds for the automatic search of news or through channels. In addition, manual news may also be configured.
    • RSS Templates: Option where templates for RSS feeds are loaded or replaced.
  • Players: There are the tools to manage the players:
    • Downloads: The accesses to download the installation manuals for the players according to the operating system are shown, in addition to being able to download the players as such.
    • Groups: Functionality to manage groups of players, which facilitates the way players are organized in 4YouSee Manager.
    • Players: Functionality to manage players, delete, add, modify, associate playlists, associate news, configure videowall, among others.
  • Scehduling: There are the functionalities related to the playlists associated with the players:
    • Playlists: Tool where it is possible to add, delete, and modify playlists.
  • Reports and Analysis: Presents reports and graphs with information related to the operations of the players and 4YouSee Manager.
    • Charts and Indicators: Shows graphs and related indicators 4YouSee Manager.
    • Reports: Option where it is possible to issue reports, such as the number of times a video has been shown or how much a player has been used.
    • Screenshots: In this functionality it is possible to obtain a screenshot of the screen where the player is working

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