How to use a Secure Connection with HTTPS / SSL?

Important: The Android Player does not have yet support with HTTPS technology..

The HTTPS protocol guarantees a secure connection between your computer and the player with 4YouSee's servers. In this way, all transmitted information will be sent in encrypted form, preventing that information from being viewed by third parties.

Using 4YouSee Manager with HTTPS

To activate the use of HTTPS in 4YouSee Manager, simply modify the address of your account in your browser with the prefix https://

For example, if the address of your account is, you must type in

When accessing your account you will see a padlock symbol in the address bar of the browser indicating that the connection is secure.

Using Player Windows with HTTP

During the initial configuration of your player, fill in the address of your account by prefixing https:// and then fill in the ide of your player and then confirm in the Confirm button.

At the end of this process your player will be using secure connections with HTTPS.

These settings are recommendations that we offer for greater safety in the use of 4YouSee.

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