Configure RSS Feed for Weather Forecast

By default new accounts have an RSS feed called Yahoo Weather Horizontal configured and ready to use itSo if you want to view it, you can Download News and then view it in See NewsIf you want to change the city you can see the documentation of It Is Possible to Change the City of Yahoo Weather Forecast

To set up an RSS feed for the weather forecast, 4YouSee needs to capture this information through Data Sources. Below we detail the steps to consider

1. Add an RSS Template.

For this manual, a template named Yahoo Weather Horizontal HTML5 already exists in your account but in case you don't find it you can download here Template Yahoo Weather, This template can be loaded as indicated in the Add Templates manual with the name "Yahoo Weather - Main Area" and with dimensions of 1280x720.

In case you have another template, keep in mind that it must be created with the variables indicated below. If so, you can load it and continue with the next step.

2. Add a Channel.

Access the Data Source (1) > Channel (2) menu. The image below shows what will appear when you access this menu.


add channel.png

Then put in the channel name "Weather My City", as well as the following image shows:

3. Add a Data Source.

Then in the main menu, Data Sources > Data Sources, at the top right click on  . Fill in the Connection Profile, Channel, Name, Query, Group records and Header Lines to Ignore fields, as explained below:

  • In Connectors (1) you must select the Yahoo Weather option. After selecting the Connector, automatically the connection data regarding this profile must be filled.
  • In Channel (2) you must select the option previously created, in this case "Weather My City".
  • The Name field (3) must be completed, in this tutorial, we will put the name "Weather Miami".
  • In the Unidad (4) field, type the letter "b".
  • The Número de días (5) field refers to the number of days of the weather forecast that will be shown in the day's schedule, Type "5".
  • In the Location field (6) you must fill in the name of the city and its respective abbreviation of the country which you want to show the weather forecast, without accents. You must follow the format below, example:
    • New York, NY
    • Paris, FR
    • London, UK
    • Santiago de Chile, CL
  • The Query (7) field must remain blank.
  • Enable the Group Entries option (8).
  • In Header Lines to Ignore (9) type 0.
  • To verify that the fields have been entered successfully, click on (10) and will show a window like this:

The image below shows what all the completed fields should look like

.data source yahoo weather.png

  • Finnaly, Click on the Add button (10).

After adding the Data Source, the list of these will appear again. Here you must click on Variables corresponding to the Data Source that has just been source list yahoo weather.png

The image below shows the screen that appears when entering the variable variables.png

You must click on the button   on the following variables:

  • date1,city1,country1, low1,low2,low3,low4,low5,high1,high2,high3,high4,high5,code1,code2,code3,code4,code5,day1,day2,day3,day4,day5.

The results will look like the following image. Then click on the Save button, located in the upper left. 

list of variables yahoo weather.png

Then, will appear a confirming the changes, which you must click on Accept. To continue the next thing is to configure the RSS Feed.

4. Add and Configure a RSS Feed.

Go to the main menu to News (1) > RSS Feeds (2) and in the upper right corner click on (3). Fill in the fields as explained below:

rss feed menu.png


  • Fill the Name of the Feed field (1), in this case we will put "Weather Forecast My City - Main Area".
  • Click on the option Use channel (2) and select the channel Weather My City.
  • In the Template (3) field select the Yahoo Weather - Main Area template.
  • In the Text Capture field (4) click on the field and select the <title> option in the area that appears.
  • In Image Capture (5) select none.
  • In the Search Only for News Containing Photos field (6) uncheck the option.
  • In Active (7) check the option.
  • Approval Process  (8) must be Automatic.
  • In Specific inappropriate terms (9), select No option.
  • In the Entry Limits field (10) type 1.
  • In the Duration of news boradcasts field (11) type 1.
  • In the Weight (12) field type 1. This value of the Weight field delimits the relevance of the news display in relation to the other news associated with the player. The higher the numerical value, the greater the number of times this news is displayed compared to the others associated with the player.
  • Click on the Add button (13).

The image below shows what all the completed fields should look like.

fonte yahooweatherr.png

Then click on the top right of the screen in  and then in  to select para seleccionar in which players you want to associate this RSS feed..

associate feed to players.png

After selecting the player, the following will appear.

feed selected.png

In this window you must select the RSS Feed called Weather Forecast My City - Main Area to be linked to the player. Click on Save button.

Watch your player to confirm that the newly associated news is being displayed.

If you are not showing news from your player remember that there must be valid news in the account, for this it is necessary to confirm the news that exists from this RSS Feed through the manual See News

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