Forced Wait

Part of the literature on Digital Signage classifies the actions of digital media and Corporate TV in 3 categories, according to the potential for connection between the public and the screens:

Forced Wait
Networks for the forced waiting public satisfy people who are waiting to receive a product, service or attention.

It is common in these cases to report time and location of events and meetings, show a news panel, financial indicators and weather forecast.

Another common strategy in forced waiting networks is to use scheduling to create a pleasant environment, which makes waiting a little less tedious.

Modern commercial buildings use Digital Signage solutions to display relevant information to visitors and people who work there, such as pictures of landscapes, animals, laugh videos, jokes, which may or may not be accompanied by a musical atmosphere.

Hospitals, dental and medical offices, public entities, banks and beauty salons are examples of places where Digital Signage facilities for forced waiting can be found.

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