How to Add Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is HTML5 content that can be linked to a dynamic data source, such as a database, xml, xlsx, RSS feeds, among others. The main objective of this tool is to put a news in a playlist as many times as necessary.

Attention: for dynamic content to work, you must use templates created as specified in the document. Creating my Own HTML5 Templates

- For content created independently, i.e. outside of 4YouSee Designer, you need to manually add time when adding content.

Compatible Players: The execution of dynamic content will only be possible on 4YouSee Player Windows and Linux platforms. Android and LG Players are not yet ready to play dynamic content.

To add content to 4YouSee Manager, you need to go to the Content menu (1) > Content (2) and then click the Add button (3). Then the following screen will appear:

add content 123.png

The screen is divided into three tabs: Main, Schedule and Client.

All required fields are on the Main tab. In the topics below we explain 3 fields that appeared in this tab:

  • Name (1): Is not a required fiel but you dont complete it, it will take the name of the file.
  • Duration (2): Must not be completed. Because, you cannot change the display time of dynamic content.
  • Files (3): There are two possible options:
    • File Upload: This option is the default, when you want to upload content via Upload. Allows you to insert one or more files from your computer. In the event of fluctuations in the Internet connection, loading will automatically resume if the page does not close. If the page closes before the upload is complete, it is possible to continue uploading by sending the same files. This will continue where it was left last time. For dynamic content it is necessary to choose zip files created in HTML5, as specified in the documentation How to Create my own HTML5 Template
    • 4YouSee Designer: Allows you to import content created in your account 4YouSee DesignerSee the article How to Mount my Content from 4YouSee Desginer on 4YouSee Player to better understand the import process.

When loading a .zip file in one of the ways shown above, the RSS feed option (4) will appear.

dinamic content.png


In the RSS Feed (4) field, you must select the RSS feed(s) you want to associate to this dinamyc content. It is not required, but if no font is inserted, the content will load as normal content, without dynamic data.

To add a font, enter the name of the font in field (4). The available fonts with that name will appear. Just click on the font you want to include. Follow the animation to better exemplify.


To finalize, you need to select a Category (5) (category is a required field). Click the "Select" button to choose the categories.


After selecting an RSS feed and category, click Add (6) to include your account content, the process for including dynamic content in the Playlist is the same as for common content.

Execution Criteria:

  • When dynamic content is linked to an RSS feed that does not have valid news, the player will ignore this dynamic content.
  • When the dynamic content has two or more RSS feeds, in each content execution, the news from a different RSS feed will be shown, that is, in each content execution, it will alternate the execution of the RSS feeds linked to the content.
  • Dynamic content will also be skipped if the player has not yet downloaded the data and the linked news image to run.
  • The Player will respect the programming of the dynamic content, if the dynamic content is not valid, this content will not be shown.

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