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In 4YouSee can be added music, images, videos, or HTML5 content (with some restrictions for Android, Samsung and LG players). This content must be associated with a playlist in order for it to be displayed on your players.

The list of contents found in the account, can be seen through the main menu, Content (1) -> Content (2)The list of contents looks like the following image indicates:

see contents.png

On this screen you can:

  • Search content (3) by name or code.
  • Get a Preview (4) of your content, as shown in the image below.
  • Verify the Information of its content (5), such as its name, and time.
  • Check the Categories of your content (6). Remember that a content must have at least one associated category and can have more than one associated with it.
  • Access the Operations of its content (7), where you can modify information or delete any content.

In this window you can also see the contents by category, facilitating your search for the desired content. For more information see the tutorial View Content by Category

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