Modify Players

In your manager account go to Players (1) > Players (2) to access your list of Players.

On the screen where the list of Players is displayed, in the Operations column, there is the functionality of Update (3).

modify player.png

When you click there, you will see that the player's registered information is distributed through 3 tabs: Main, RSS Feeds and Additional Information.

  • Main Tab

This tab shows the basic information of your player. In the Name field (1) enter the name to identify the payer in your 4YouSee account. In Platform (2) choose which will be the operating system where you will install your player.

  • Windows and Linux
  • Android
  • Embed:
    • LG
    • Samsung
  • Discontinued:
    • Chrome 
    • Windows
    • Linux.

This field must be modified in case you change the operating system of the computer where the player will be installed. In the group tree, in the Group field (3), click on the group to which you want to associate the player.

player principal.png

In the Playlists section (4) you can select the playlists that will be used in your player each day of the week. See more at How to link a Playlist to a Player

  •  RSS Feed Tab

In this tab you can configure the news RSS towards the players. See more at How to Link RSS Feeds to a Player


  • Other Information Tab

In the Additional Information tab you will be able to add extra information about your player, such as the player's location address. This information does not influence the operation of the player.

player information.png

The last Tab, "Videwall" is only available for Players who are configured for Windows/Linux, if you want to know more information about videowall configurations, read this tutorial, How to create a Synchronized VideoWall with 4YouSee

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