How to Add Players

In order to display your content on screens, you will need to have at least one player registered to your 4YouSee Manager account.

To add a new player, you will need to access the Players > Players menu and in the upper right corner, click on the button . Then a window like the following appears:

player principal.png

Here you must establish a Name (1) for the player and choose the type of Platform (2) where it will be installed.

In the Group Part (3) you will be able to group your players, facilitating the administration of your players.

In the part located on the right. Playlists (4) you can select the playlists that will be used in your player on each day of the week. See more information in Associate Playlist to a Player

In the RSS Feeds tab you can configure the news sources to be displayed on the screen. See more in How to link RSS Feeds to the player?

player feed rss.png

In the Additional Information tab you can add extra information about your player, such as a basic description of it, the physical address of your location. This information is not mandatory and does not alter the operation of the player.

player information.png

After completing the entire form, click on the Add button. This should create the player in your account. If you are a client with a Light, Startup or Advanced plan, the system will also present a link to pay for this new player and thus be able to start using it.

The tab  may also appear if you have an enterprise plan and if you are adding a player with windows platform.

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