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In the option to show players, the players' registration will appear in 4YouSee Manager, in addition to the options relating to each player.

To get the list of players, you should go to the menu Players (1)Players (2).

When a player is created, the 4YouSee Manager system gives it an ID (3), which is essential for the installation of the player.

list of players.png


  • Player search by code, name, status and/or group.

The results can be organized by code, name, group or last modification date. To carry out the search, fill in the fields as desired and then click on the Search button (1)To clear the search data, click on the Clear Data button (2).



In the Status column (3) you can monitor the last contact with the Players of your account, that is, content download or status of the Player in the players network (Online, Alert, Offline, Demand Assistance, Demand Visit, It has never been accessed):

  • Online: The player was connected to his account for the last time, at least 10 minutes ago.
  • Alert: The last connection between the player and your account was 20 minutes ago.
  • Offline: The last contact was at least 30 minutes.
  • Demand assistance: The last connection between the player and your account was less than 24 hours ago.
  • Visit request: The last connection between the player and your account was more than 24 hours ago.
  • Never been accessed: The player has never been connected to your account.


  • Operations Column

It has access to the different functionalities: Modify, Delete, Modify Playlist, Options for the 4YouSee Player.

operations for players.png


The Modify Playlist (2) function is useful when the player is working with a different playlist for each day of the week and we want to modify it. Playlist (1) is useful to have a quick access to edit the playlist associated with the player.

 playlist access.png


In the options for Android and Windows or Linux, it is possible to monitor in real time what is being displayed in the player through the Monitor option and access the player's settings through Configure Player:

monitor option.png


  • Options for 4YouSee Player Monitoring:

monitor player window.png

  • Options for 4YouSee Player  > Set Up Player :

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