Installing 4YouSee Player on a Samsung Smart Monitor [SSSP 1.0, 2.0 e 3.0]

Before continuing with the installation, it is important to know which SSSP (Samsung SMART Signage Platform) your monitor uses. For this you must search in the next article from the reference which is the SSSP that your monitor has. The reference is located on the back of your monitor and is normally formed like this: DB40D, means that it corresponds to a 40-inch DBD model television.

On Which Professional TVs Can I Install 4YouSee Player

This manual will help you install the 4YouSee player on monitors with SSSP 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0.

Enable Installation of 4YouSee Player

On the TV control press the Menu key on the remote control and select the System option.

Go to the Play via option, as shown in this image.

Within the options select URL Launcher.

Restart the TV.

Installing 4YouSee Player

Press the Home key on the remote control and then select the Change URL button.

Type the url:

Then press the Done button (on the remote control).

To start the player select the URL Launcher button.


Setting up the Player in 4YouSee Manager

When starting the 4YouSee player for the first time it will be necessary to do the configuration in two steps.

  • Step 1

The first configuration step is to define the identification parameters of the player. To obtain this information, access 4YouSee Manager and go to the Players -> Players menu. Once you are on the screen where the list of registered players appears in your account, click on Parameters for installation. As the picture shows:

Attention: The player must have the Samsung logo next to the name of the player indicating that it will be running on a Samsung television..

You will get a screen with the main data to configure the player on the TV.


  • Step 2

With the data previously obtained, they are entered as they were, taking into account upper and lower case, and click on Confirm or select Confirm and press the OK key, in case you are using the remote control

Press the OK button on the remote control.

Ready. The player is already configured. Now just click Ok on the remote control on the Start Player button on the screen that appears to start downloading the contents associated with the player through the associated playlist.

Menu options on the Samsung Player

  • OK key (1) - Open the Player menu;
  • Red Key (2) - Restart the player deleting all content;
  • Green Key (2) - Changes the screen orientation from landscape to portrait;
  • Yellow Key (2) - Turns off the television monitor;
  • Blue Key (2) - Player configuration information.


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