Installation of 4YouSee Player on an LG Smart Tv



4YouSee Player Installation

On the remote control, press the Settings key for 10 seconds or until a box appears in the upper right of the screen. Then press 8080 and then the OK key. 8080 numbers will not be displayed on the screen.

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In the settings menu make the following modifications detailed below: In Application Launch Mode choose the LOCAL option

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In Full Qualified Domain Name choose the ON Option.

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In the URL field digit

Attention: If the version of the operating system is 3.0. The URL to type is then, then where it says "Applicatión Type", select IPK.

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 In Local Application Upgrade select the option REMOTE.

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Then press ConfirmWhen the Upgrade Complete message appears, select OKTurn off the TV and after 5 seconds turn it on again.


Set up the Player in 4YouSee Manager

When starting the 4YouSee player for the first time, it will be necessary to carry out two configuration steps.

  • Step 1

The first configuration step is to define the player installation parameters . This consists of the URL and the ID of the player. then the URL is the URL of your account, and the player ID is the id given to the player in the manager. For example, the following image indicates that the account is, and the player ID is the 1parameters of instalation.png


  • Step 2

En el televisor, le aparecerá esta pantalla. coloque los parámetros resultados de la etapa 1 y clique en Confirm.

Done, the player is already configured and installed. Select Start Player on the next screen to start downloading and running content on your 4Yousee Player.


Player Configuration Options

  • Key 0 - Open the player settings menu. In this menu it is possible to modify the URL of the 4YouSee account and the ID if necessary..
  • Key 1 - Delete all settings and files from the player. By pressing this key 1 on the remote control, all the settings previously made and all the files downloaded by the player will be deleted. In this case it will be necessary to redo the player configuration.
  • Key 2 - Change the orientation of the TV from Horizontal to Vertical.
  • Key 3 - Shut down the TV.
  • Key 4 - Show player configuration information.

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