How to delete the content that MagicInfo used

After using the Player 4Yousee for Samsung, it will be necessary to eliminate the files used by MagicInfo, in order to avoid future problems with lack of space to grab the files from the playlist.

Then, you will find a step by step guide so that you can eliminate all files and ensure that your monitor will reproduce the entire content associated with your Playlist.


Delete files

  • Using the remote control, press the "HOME" key and wait until the configuration screen is loaded.
  • Then press the button "EXIT", the monitor will have a black pant. Now press the "MENU" button
  • Go to the "SYSTEM" option (Image 1), press the "OK" button on the remote control.

  • Go to the option "PLAY ...", in this session select the option "MagicInfo" (Image 2).

Now it will be necessary to erase and light the monitor again. To do so, press the "POWER OFF" button on the remote control and wait 5 seconds and press the "POWER ON" button to light up the monitor.

  • Now it will be necessary to access the monitor content, so press the "HOME" key to bring up the MagicInfo setup screen. Select the "PLAYER" option (Image 3).

  • On the next screen, the list of all the content contained on the monitor will be shown, to delete the content click on the "OPTIONS" button on the top of the screen (Image 4)

  • Click, select the option "DELETE" (Image 5).

  • It will enable the possibility that you can select the contained ones. Now select all the content you want to delete (Image 6)

  • Go to the button "DELETE" and click here (Image 8)

  • In the display that will appear to inform the total space that will be deleted and what files will be deleted, press the "YES" button (Image 9)..

Done. All selected files have been removed. To check how much free space you have, on the remote control press the "INFO" key.

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