Using Windgets in 4YouSee Designer

Components or widgets are a way to add special elements to your content created in 4YouSee Designer. These are ready items that can have different effects, but are easily configurable. See below for the details of each of our widgets.


Date and Time

The date and time component can be easily included in your content. Just click on the Objects button and find the widget:


You can choose to show only the time, date, or both. You can also change the display format, font, color and size of the text:

NOTE: When the content is displayed, it will reflect the time and date set on the player. Make sure your players have the correct time / date set.


Weather forecast

To include a component that contains weather information on a location, you can simply choose from the Objects in your library:


First, you must select a city, or the widget will not be displayed during content execution. To do this, simply click in the Location field and enter the name of the city for which you want to display the information. A list of possibilities opens, displaying cities, states, or countries that may match your search. Just select the best option:


The other options allow you to customize the appearance and amount of information for the component, and they fall into three categories:

1. Location Options: Allows you to select the city and change how location information is displayed during execution. You can choose any combination of city, state, or country acronym, and it may not even display any text:


2. Weather Options: Allows you to change the behavior of weather related items such as temperature unit, number of future forecasts, colors related to minimum and maximum temperatures and the language of the days of the week:


3. General Options: Allows you to customize the appearance of the widget as a whole. Here you can change the font, size and color of text, Yahoo branding color [1] and overall layout of future forecasts:

NOTE: The player must have an active Internet connection to retrieve weather data for the first time. After the first run, the content will always display the data from the last connection, you don't necessarily need to be online all the time.

[1] According to the Yahoo Data Usage License, the Yahoo logo must always be displayed along with the weather data.

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