How do I upload Images to 4YouSee Designer

4YouSee Designer has an extensive library of images and graphic elements so you can easily assemble your content. However, you may need specific images in your project that are not present in the library. How to do?.

Prerequisites for using my images in 4YouSee Designer

  1. The image must be in JPG or PNG format.
  2. You must have enough storage space in your account for images

Uploading images

On 4YouSee Designer home screen, go to the Objects (1) section of your library and click the Manage Objects button (2):

manage objects.png

The library manager will open. Click on and select the images on your computer that you want to include in your library. The upload will start inmediately.  After loading 100%, click on . At the end of the upload, the images will be available in your library and ready to be used in your projects.


Accessing To My Images

In the Object Library (1), all images are present for easy access. However, if you only want to display images from your personal library, you can click the My Objects tab (2).

manage objects2.png


Sort Images From the Library

To make it easier to find your images in the library, you can include categories for your images. This will make your images appear in existing 4YouSee Designer categories. To Add a category to a picture in the library, go to the Library Manager and find the picture you want to rate:

category designer.png

Just click Add a category and choose the desired category. You can include as many categories as you like! If you want to remove a category from the image, just click the X next to the category name.

Delete images from the Library

If you want to remove images from your library, simply access the Library Manager by clicking the Manage Objects button in the Objects section of the library. At the bottom of the manager, all objects in your library are displayed, including images, videos, and fonts:

delete items.png..

To delete an image, Simply Click ( 1 ) Delete and confirm the deletion. You can delete Multiple Images ( 2 ) by selecting them from the list of objects and clicking Delete Selected ( 3 ).

ATTENTION: this operation is irreversible. If any of your projects use any of the deleted images, the image will be replaced by the image.

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