How to Mount my Content from 4YouSee Designer on 4YouSee Player

You can import 4YouSee Designer content for your playlists into 4YouSee Manager similarly to other content like videos, pictures or music. For this, go to Content (1) > Content (2), and within the content panel, and click on the Add Button:

content menu.png


Then, in the options that are displayed, you must click on the drop-down list to be able to choose the origin of the content that in this case, will come from 4YouSee Designer (4). As shown in the image:

content from designer.png


At this time, a login screen will be displayed asking for the login information for your 4YouSee Designer account. Put your e-mail and password and click Send:

Next, you can see all your projects from your account in 4YouSee Designer where you can choose the one you want to import by clicking on the Checkbox (5) , select a category for the content and then Add (6). If you want, you can also click Advance and configure advanced options:

content from designer32.png


Ready. Now your imported content can be included in your playlists to be executed normally.


I want to have more control of how the content is going to be executed! How can I do?

As described until now, the content will be shown with their respective scenes and when it reaches the last one, it will lead to the next content in the playlist. In case you want to change this behavior, it is necessary to export the contents of the Designer and then upload it to 4YouSee Manager. Next, we explain how.

Enter Designer and open your project. Click on the Export button (1)  and by clicking on the Download tab to Export Project (2). The following will be displayed:

Here you can change the way the content will be executed in the player.

When you make the modifications, a .zip file will be generated, which will be uploaded to the manager as if it were a video, or image or music.

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