How to Use my Fonts on 4YouSee Designer

If the 4YouSee Designer default fonts are not enough to build your content. You have the option to load from your own source. For this, please note the following instructions:

Prerequisites for font loading

  • Be sure that your source license allows its use as a web source and covers its intended use.
  • Be sure that your font is in a TrueType (TTF) font file. If the font is in another format, you can use services like FontSquirrel to convert it to TTF.
  • Be sure that your font supports accented characters common to the Portuguese language.


How to add a New Font

Select or add text object (1) and choose the option Include a font ... (2) that is available in the font selection box:

add font designer.png

Click Choose File ... and select the .ttf file from your PC:

On the next screen, a preview of your font should appear. Click on Save:

After loading, your text should already be formatted in the selected font. You can also use this font for any project in your account:

NOTE: Texts that use their fonts do not support bold or italic formatting. This requires you to load these versions of the font, if any.


How to delete a Font

If you have uploaded a font and you no longer want it to appear in your account and projects, you can remove it from your account by following these steps:

Click on the Objects tab (1) and then on the Manage Objects button (2):

manage objects.png

On the next screen, all the objects in your library are listed. The fonts will be located at the end of this list. Locate the font you want to delete and click the Delete button:

In the confirmation window, click Yes, I want to delete to remove the font from your library:

ATTENTION: this operation is irreversible. If there are projects that use this font, the text may not display correctly

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