How to expose the Player API on my LAN

This feature is for sending commands to a particular Player on the same network.

To expose the API of a Player we have two ways, the Player or the Manager.

Trough 4YouSee Player:

Clicking once on the player will show up a menu, click on the gear symbol (Settings)


Then in "Expose API" check the "Enable" option to enable the function to expose Player API on the local network:expor api player.png

A Windows security alert will appear, where you will need to enable or disable network communication Permissions (1) and then click Allow Access (2):firewall.png

A confirmation window will appear informing you that clicking "Yes, please continue!" the player will restart to apply the new settings:



Trough 4YouSee Manager:

Click on Players (1) and then on the Options icon for 4YouSee Player (2)

Attention: This function is only possible with the Online Player.

 set up player.png

In the menu that will open, click Set Up Player (3):

 set up player menu.png


On the next screen, check the option "Expose API" (4) and then "Save:

expose api.png

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