Installation guide 4YouSee Kiosk for Linux

Steps for the installation and configuration of 4YouSee Kiosk on Linux Ubuntu operating systems in 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

Installing and configuring 4YouSee Kiosk

4YouSee Kiosk Agent is an application that aims to allow the integration of 4YouSee Player with other applications or web pages.

Requirements for its operation:

  • 4YouSee Player for Linux - Install and configure it according to the following Documentation.
  • Java installed.
  • System administrator password


After the download, run it and start the installation using the gdebi utility, which will install the necessary dependencies for 4YouSee Kiosk.





4YouSee kiosk Agent - It can be configured in two ways: the first one is to open a web page and another is to open a program installed on your computer. In order to ease the configuration there are two configuration files and to modify them you must access the folder: /opt/4yousee-kiosk-agent/config/



  • Configuring Kiosk to open a program

If you want to open a program when users interact with the computer, simply delete the config.json file and rename config.sample-application.json to config.json. Open the config.json file using the text editor and it will be displayed as below.


To modify the program that will open when the user interacts with the screen, you must modify the path parameter by placing the address of the executable that will be opened.


  • Configuring Kiosk to open a web page

If you want to open a web page when users interact with the computer, simply delete the config.json file and rename config.sample-weppage.json to config.json. Open the config.json file using the text editor and it will appear as shown below.


To configure the url you want to open when the user interacts, you just need to modify the URL attribute and place the web page including http://.


  • Set interval to show the Player

In both configuration cases mentioned above, you can configure the downtime for the player to be displayed. The default interval is 15 seconds. If you wish to modify it, you must edit the interval parameter in the same config.json file. This value is defined in milliseconds. To set another value, simply multiply the time in seconds by 1,000.

To check whether the installation was successful, you can run 4YouSee Kiosk by looking for it in the list of installed programs in your operating system. You must also load the web page or the program you chose to configure.


Or open the terminal and type


To close this program, use the ALT + F4 keyboard command.

Attention: Should the Kiosk not start without so much as showing an error message, open the terminal and enter the following commands:

               sudo apt-get update
               sudo apt-get install default-jre libgconf-2-4 -y

Then, try starting up the Kiosk over again.


sudo apt-get update    
sudo apt-get install default-jre libgconf-2-4 -y



If you wish to uninstall 4YouSee Kiosk, you can

  1. Open the Software Center, find 4youseekiosk on the Installed tab, then click on "Remove"



sudo apt-get remove 4youseekiosk -y

  1. Alternatively, you can open a terminal window and simply enter the command

  2. sudo apt-get remove 4youseekiosk -y

    Any of the two options should remove 4YouSee Kiosk entirely from your system.

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