How to run "Corporate Radio" on 4YouSee Player Windows/Linux

In 4YouSee Player for Windows/Linux you have the ability to associate a radio playlist.

To configure this functionality follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create a playlist with only MP3 content. To know how to create a playlist, read the article How to create playlists

Step 2: Create a player. To know how to create a player, read the article How to add new Players

Step 3: At the time of the player creation, select in the Audio field (1) the created audio playlist and click Add (2).

music playlist on player.png


Step 4: After the above configuration requires the player to be online to enable the radio.

Step 5: Currently, the radio can be enabled in two ways. In 4YouSee Manager and directly in the Player.


  • To enable by 4YouSee Manager, follow these instructions:
  1. Access Players (1) > Players (1), and click on 4YouSee Player (3). Remember that you must click on the option corresponding to the player that you are configured.

set up player.png


2. In the menu, select the Set Up Player option (4)

set up player menu #4.png


  • Select the Radio field (1), to allow the playback of the player's audio Playlist.
  • Shortly afterwards click Save (2).
  • Click Close (3).



  • To configure the radio directly in the player, follow the steps below.

1. Click Settings (1). 



2.  Click Enable (1) on the screen that will be displayed to enable the radio.



3. To close the settings screen, simply click away from the screen and the settings will automatically be saved.

After enabling 4YouSee Player Windows/Linux Radio, the content is downloaded and the Player plays the radio.


Fade functionality

  • The Fade functionality allows you to configure the Fade In and Fade Out time.
  • Fade In - How long it will take for the audio to go from minimum to maximum volume. The time starts counting from the beginning of the audio.
  • Fade Out - How long it will take for the audio to go from maximum volume to minimum. Time ends at the end of the audio.

For example, audio content that is 20 seconds long and the time set in Fade is 8 seconds, the Fade In will be in the first 8 seconds of the audio (second 0 to 8) and the Fade Out will be in the last 8 seconds of the audio. audio (from 13 to 20). Between 9 and 12 seconds, the audio will play at maximum volume.

The Fade functionality is applied to each song of the audio in the playlist.

To enable this functionality directly in the player, type the value of the desired time in seconds, in the Fade field (1). The same value will be assigned for Fade In and Fade Out.



This functionality can also be enabled from 4YouSee Manager. To enable this functionality from your Manager account, enter the desired time value in seconds, in the Fade In / Out field (1). The same value will be assigned for Fade In and Fade Out

nkj.pngAtenciĆ³n: La Playlist de audio soporta apenas archivos MP3.

The audio playlist allows carousel insertion with MP3 content. To learn more about the carousel functionality, read the article. Using content categories in the playlists (carousel)

If there is any audio and video content in the main playlist, the audio playlist stops playing and displays the audio content of the main playlist after the video finishes playing, the playlist of audio is played again.

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