How to install 4YouSee Player on Linux

Compatible Versiones

The entire 4YouSee Player for Linux installation and initialization process has been tested for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 with Systemd.

Linux Installation

Follow the next steps:

  • 1st Step: Access the icon referring to the initial Panel, in the upper field of the wall. Type the word "terminal". Click on the Terminal icon to open it.


In case you have not installed the Curl, follow the steps in the article How to install Curl on your computer

  • 3rd Step: Press Enter.
    This command will execute the installation script that will download the necessary files, install the dependencies, copy the configuration file and start the 4YouSee Player service.

  • 4th Step: Enter a user password, the same as you entered at the moment of starting the session in the team.
Note: This password will not be shown in the terminal. So you only have to type it and press Enter.

Wait a few moments for the 4YouSee Player to be installed. It may take a few minutes, since the installation package will be updating and installing necessary software for the operation of the Player.

Once the 4YouSee Player has been installed, the following will appear in the display for the configuration.

  • 5th Step: Configure the player.

To configure your player follow the instructions in the article How to configure 4YouSee Player in Linux / Windows

After this player will be executed.

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