Procedure for Video Overscan Compensation

Important: This functionality should be performed only on computers with NVIDIA cards and the video output is S-Video type.

Starting the Procedure

You will need to type some commands in the terminal. To open the terminal, click the "Start Panel" icon (1) in the sidebar, then in the search field type "Terminal(2), the terminal icon will appear in the list of programs (3) , Double-click the icon.



Now to start the configuration, type the following command:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

You will be prompted for the user password, enter the password and press "Enter".

Now you should open the NVIDIA configuration panel. To open it, click the "Start Panel" icon in the sidebar, then in the field available to search, type "NVIDIA X Server Settings", the icon will appear in the list of programs, double-click it.

The NVIDIA Settings window will open, click on the "TV0 - (TV0)(1) option on the left side menu. Some options will appear on the right side of the menu. In the option "Overscan (Overscan Compensation)" (2), you need to set it to your screen size. To do this, you will need to drag the bar until the image on your monitor fits the size of your screen. Once done, click on "nvidia-settings" (3).



On this screen, uncheck "Include X display names in configuration file" (1). To save all the settings made, click "Save current settings(2).img_3.png

Listo. En esta ventana no necesita cambiar nada, simplemente haga clic en "OK" (1).


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