Monitor Android Player

In the Android platform it is possible to monitor in real time what is being displayed by the players.

This functionality is available in the part where the list of players appears. To access it, it is necessary to go to Players Players, and in the Operations column click on the Options icon for Android.

monitor player.png

Click on the option Monitor.

monitor option.png

Attention: For this functionality to display the information, the player must be connected to the Internet and with "Online" status in his 4YouSee account..

 monitor android player.png

On the monitoring screen it is possible to observe other information, such as.

Downloads - Shows the amount of content that is associated with the player and how many of these content have already been downloaded.

Screenshot - Every minute he gets a screenshot of the screen and this image is displayed on the top left.

monitor android player3.png

Send commands - With this function it is possible to Restart the Player or Restart the device.

send comands android player.png

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