Configure Android Player

On the Android platform, you can access the player settings through your 4YouSee account.

Configuring the player settings through your account can be very useful, as in many cases it eliminates the need to move to the location where the player is installed.

This functionality is available on the player list screen. To access, from the main menu, click Players (1) Players (2). In the Operations column, click the Android Options icon (3).

monitor player.png

Click on the Set Up Player option.

set up player menu #4.png


  • The Manager URL field cannot be edited, this ensures that the device is always associated with your 4YouSee account. 
  • In Player ID you can change the player's registration code. Each player has a unique ID code, which is also the code used to install the player. 
  • Under Number of simultaneous downloads, you can define the number of file downloads to be performed at the same time. The default is 4, but you can change it to 1, 2, 4, or 8.
  • Auto Start should always be selected to start the player when the power is turned on.

set up autostart android player android.png

  • Click the Show comment messages box if you want the player to display the name of the file that the player displays. 
  • The Audio Service box should be clicked if there is a playlist of .MP3 files associated with the player.

set up autostart android player__.png

  • In the Storage Options Lists, you can choose where the files downloaded by the player will be saved. On the Android platform, files downloaded by the player can be stored in the device's internal memory or on a memory card.
  • If your players are always on, the automatic restart box should be checked. This feature reboots the device at the time set in the Device Start Time field. This restart is necessary for Android device performance issues.

In the Screen Orientation field, you can configure the Player to display information horizontally or vertically.

screen orientation android player manager.png

After making all the settings, click Save and then Close.

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