How to open another application together with 4YouSee Player Android

Con esta funcionalidad, puede abrir una aplicación presionando cualquier ubicación de la pantalla. Si el dispositivo está inactivo, antes de que se apague la pantalla, la aplicación 4YouSee se abre y muestra el contenido nuevamente.

If your Android device does not have the option to turn off the screen after a defined time, 4YouSee player will not return automatically.

To configure, the application that you want to open together with 4YouSee Player must be installed on the device.

If it is already installed, open 4YouSee Player and then press the "Back" button to access the settings as shown in the image below. If you are using a mouse, right click.


A message will be displayed, as in the image below. Press OK.


Click on the settings icon. As below:


Now click on the option Set configuration to open another app (1)


Click the option Open an application when clicking on the screen (1) to activate the functionality.

Click the Open a new app when touch screen (2) option. A list of applications will open. Select the application you want to open. In the following example, the Anydesk application was selected.

Click OK (3) to save the settings.


Ready! The setup is complete. Now, clicking or pressing anywhere on the screen will open the selected application.

When this function is active, to access the settings again press for 5 seconds in the area in the upper left corner as described in the image below.

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