How to create a Playlist

To create a new playlist you must access the Scheduling menu (1) Playlist (2) and then click on the Add button (3) located at the top right of the page.

add playlist.png

By clicking the Add button (3) you will see the following:

Now you must add something to the playlist. For example, it can be

  • Contents (1)
  • News (2)
  • Carousel (3)
  • Layout (3)
  • Subplaylist (4)
  • VideoWall (5)

options to add in a playlist__.png

After you have added the information to your liking, press the Save As button

In the Name field (1) you must assign a name to the playlist (Main sequence that will be assigned to a player). And if what you want is to make a Subplaylist (2) (Sequence that will be used within a playlist) then choose this option. Category (3) is an optional field that can be used to organize registered playlists. After completing the form, save the changes with the Save button (4) and the playlist will be ready to be associated with the players.

save playlist as.png

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