Mount Playlists with Exact Amounts of content

In this article you will learn how to create a playlist so that it shows the content of your advertisers the desired number of times in each period.

In the example to follow each period will represent one hour.

There are several ways to build a playlist for that purpose. The simplest, but which nevertheless requires a little work, is to add the content directly to the playlist. The most interesting and easy way to update the content in the player is to add content to the carousels and include the carousels in the playlists (More information, see the article in Categories).

Mount Playlists with Carousels

The playlist mount with carousels makes it easy to update content in the playlist, especially if you need to associate the content to different playlists. You associate the carousel directly with the playlist and associate the contents with the carousel. This procedure is sufficient for your content to be displayed on the player. If you want content to no longer be displayed in the player, just unpin it from the carousel or remove it from 4Yousee Manager.

Suppose we have advertiser content with durations of 10, 15 and 20 seconds.

We would like advertiser content to be shown 20 times every hour.

First we are going to create the categories (or carousels), so that they have the associated content, for example, as shown in the following image. (Accessing ContentCategories)


In this example, categories were created with the purpose of grouping the contents by their duration. The category "Group 10 Seconds" will have content with duration of 10 Seconds, the category "Group 15 Seconds" will have content with duration of 15 seconds and the same with the third group "Group 20 Seconds"

After creating the categories, you must assign at least one content to each one. To associate the content to the categories we must go to each content and edit it, to select it in this way for each category. Below is indicated in the image how to do it.


This step is necessary because to continue we will add the carousels in the playlist and the playlist does not allow associating an empty carousel.

After associating at least one content to each carousel, we are going to add the carousels in the playlist.


Note that in this example a carousel from each group of durations was included: a "Grupo 10 seconds", a "Grupo 15 seconds" and a "Grupo 20 seconds". See at the bottom of your screen the playlist time indication: 45 seconds. That is the time corresponding to the duration of the playlist. When the playlist finishes running, she plays it all over again from the beginning until one hour is completed (for example). In our case. As the playlist has a duration of 45 Seconds, when the hour is complete these have been shown 80 times (3600 seconds / 45 seconds).

So, since the carousel shows one content associated with it at a time, if we want the content of the advertisers to be executed 20 times each, we can place videos of 4 advertisers in each category (80 carousel displays / 20 displays of each video = 4 videos).

Mount Playlist with Contents

We can mount a playlist with all the content we want, setting a period, or an hour. See in the image below an example of the mounted playlist:


You can add the same content to the playlist as many times as you want. Notice that the "4YouSee A..." content was added 10 times. At the bottom of the screen you can check the total playlist time.

You can include the same content in the playlist as many times as you want. See that the blog content has been included 10 times. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the total playlist time.

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