Why can a Playlist be invalid?

A Playlist may be invalid if there are no items to be displayed on it. If an invalid Playlist is associated with a Player, it will show a black screen as a security symbol, meaning that the Player will not execute any content.

Some of the reasons that make a Playlist invalid are:

  • Videos with expired or future dates in the Playlist.
  • News sources without valid news associated with the Player.
  • Carousel (s) empty, with expired programming or with a future date in the Playlist.
  • Videowall with expired or future date programming in the Playlist.
  • Subplaylist with any of the cases mentioned above.

In the Players Players menu, next to the edit icon, if the playlist has a problem, an icon is displayed indicating the status, however, if there are no problems, no icon will be displayed, as shown below; 


If the playlist has some expired items (1), it means, with some valid and other expired elements, according to the rule defined at the beginning of this article, then the orange icon will be displayed.

If the playlist is totally invalid (2), it menas, all elements present on it are expired and / or empty, then the red icon will be displayed.

If the playlist is empty or only with empty subplaylist (s) (3), then the blue icon will be displayed.


Remembering that the "News" element does not have scheduling information by itself, and therefore the icon with this information will not be displayed in the playlist.

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