This function is used to manage the Playlists that will be associated with the Players.

Playlists are sequences of files that can have the following: Content, News, Carousels, Subplaylists, Layouts and Videowalls.

To see the registered Playlists you must access Scheduling (1) Playlist (2).

Once entered there, at the top of the screen you can search by the name of the playlist. As the Name (4) is typed into the field, a list of names that have this text will be displayed.

In the Operations column (3) the functions modify, delete, and transform into subplaylist are available. The playlist can be transformed into a subplaylist and likewise a subplaylist can be transformed into a playlist.

playlists menu.png

In Playlist Categories (3) it is possible to create categories to register the playlists and facilitate the organization of the content.

With the function of Show by Category (4), you will be able to see the list of all registered categories.

playlists options menu.png

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