How to Schedule Content from Playlists

From a playlist you can perform some operations related to content.

To see the available options of the content click on it and it will show you a menu as shown in the image below:

schedule content from playlist.png

In this article you will learn how to perform the scheduling operation.

To schedule the content, click on the Schedule button and a screen similar to the following will appear.

In this configuration there are two ways to schedule the content: Only for the playlist where we are or for all the playlists where the content can be found.

  1. In the "Schedule Only in this Playlist" option, the settings will be applied only to the players that use the playlist.
  2. In the option "Schedule in all playlists" the settings will be applied to all players.


Playlist Scheduling Rules

When the content is scheduled only in the playlist, every time this content is in the playlist or on a carousel, the playlist will take into account the configuration of its scheduling.

If the content has scheduling in the playlist, this scheduling will take it into account. Otherwise it will take into account the scheduling rules in all the playlist. Even so, otherwise, if there were no scheduling rules in all the playlists, the content will be displayed forever.

Attention: If the content were in a subplaylist the rule varies by type of player.

  • In Linux and Windows players, if the content were in a subplaylist, the playlist scheduling rules will be taken into account.
  • In Chrome, Samsung and LG players, if the content is in a subplaylist, the scheduling rules of the subplaylist will be taken into account, even if the playlist has different rules.

Note: Only in Enterprise plans is it possible to enlarge the content by playlist. In the other plans, the scheduling applies to all playlists and players.

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